Thursday, September 20, 2007

ravelry me this!

i got my ravelry invite yesterday! i'm so excited (or as bry would say, exshitted)!

i feel like a dog in a parking lot.

do i want to add my stash? or ooh! add my projects? or ooh! add stuff to my queue? or ooh! see what other people have done with certain projects or yarn? or ooh!...

i'm kinda doing a bit of all three. i'm dashing around digging up yarn labels and adding pictures to flickr (i created a new flickr account just for knit-related stuff: trixie_me_knits) while adding projects both active and in the queue.

this site is so freaking cool! and dangerous. and making me feel a teensy bit guilty for all of my stashed yarn. i'm reluctant to pull it all out and take pictures of it; i don't want the boy to realize the full extent of the goods. eep.

this is me:

Sunday, September 9, 2007


yesterday was the KW knitter's guild annual knitter's fair. i went. i spent. it looks worse than it is, i think.

there's some amy buttler fat quarters.

there's lovely Rovings wool in "brick" that will make the most fantastic fall clapotis. for me. those are my colors.

there's alpaca and silk for a pair of mittens -- $19 for the kit, including a pattern.

there's some cloudy blue mohair that i bought from a friend who belongs to a spinning collective. $10 to support them seems worthwhile to me. 250 yards...guess i'm making a scarf.

and lastly there's silk for a scarf with mitred squares for my mom. also a kit, also a good price though the pattern seems a bit sketchy.

it could have been worse. much worse.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


for some reason, the kid has taken to waking up at 5:30 am. what a god awful time. and over the weekend he figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position in his crib. but can't figure out how to sit back down. so squawking ensues. at 5:30 in the morning.

our morning double shot of espresso has never been more mandatory, our need for caffeine never so great.

sunday morning the boy was downstairs steaming the milk, grinding the beans, etc. the kid and i were playing with puzzles and dinosaurs awaiting our morning milky beverages when the boy walks into the room with his eyes almost falling out of his head.

"the machine is fried!" he cried out in anguish.


"daa daa daaaaaaa bleag be ah da dada daaa" (that's baby j talking)

"the machine just died! i was steaming the milk! and the power kinda surged! and the display went wooom! and then i smelt something burning! so i unplugged the machine! and! the! machine! is! fried!" (which i know makes it look like he had just done 6 shots of espresso but those are exclamation marks of disbelief not hyperactivity, trust me.)

"what time does starbucks open?"

"not soon enough"

actually, we've been surviving with drip coffee. though the boy did admit he went to starbucks this morning -- and that the $4 bevy tasted like ass. them starbucks employees don't know how to make a drink if it doesn't have some kind of syrup in it and whipping cream on top. sheesh.

anyway, dead machine + 5:30 am wake ups = tired kitten.

in knitting news, i finished the green (plum) gable. wee! i need to wash and block it. and our tuesday night knit club is up and running again.

in book news, i'm re-reading the golden compass. my sister in law gave it to me in 1999 or 2000. i know i read it and the rest in the series but wow, i have no recollection of the story at all except for the daemons.

Monday, September 3, 2007

by the power of grayskull!

we rented "hot fuzz" this weekend. weeee! so fun! simon pegg's special brand of genius is to take on a genre and tweak it just so to reveal the absurdities but in a gentle and loving way. for "shaun of the dead" it was zombies, in "hot fuzz" he goes after big action and traditional buddy cop movies -- referencing "point break" and "bad boys II" more than once. it is the attention to detail that is absolutely brilliant. the movies are spot on. so funny.

and hey! knitting news: thanks to hot fuzz and a down with love viewing i managed to finish the body and cast off the green (plum) gable. next up, three rows of ribbing on the sleeves and casting them off. a quick wash and some blocking and i might actually get to wear this sweater a few times before the weather cools off. yippee! pictures soon!