Monday, August 27, 2007

she wore blue velvet

we watched blue velvet on saturday night. we had seen it before, years ago, but i had no recollection of the movie except for the ear and dennis hopper acting like a maniac. man, that's some f-ed up shit.
i think david's lynch's mind is very scary place to be.

it totally made me want to re-watch twin peaks. i actually want to buy twin peaks (new shoes!) but season 1 is no longer available. we're hoping for the 20th anniversary (20 years! christ!) they'll re-release it, now with more bonus features! but i don't think i can wait three years to watch it again. i think we're gonna have to rent it.

when bethy and i went to seattle in 2005, as we were driving away from sea-tac and making our way north east to issaquah, i looked out the windows at the dwindling light and thought, this reminds me of twin peaks. coincidentally, our coworkers suggested a drive out to snoqualmie and on the way we went through north bend, home of the twin peaks cherry pie. for reals.

entertain me

i'm looking for books to read.

i want to read:
a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini
on chesil beach by ian mcewan

what have you got for me?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

yeah, baby!

Molly Chicken posted these links and I have to follow suit.

Please read the story.

and then watch the video.

can you say awwwww?

and from a language perspective, how can you not love british journalism?

"But Christian, more schooled in Sloane than feline etiquette, sashayed fearlessly towards Boy."

and completely unrelated, oh lemon meringue pie, why must you always taste like more?

Friday, August 10, 2007

felicitations abound

in no particular order:
congratulations to bridget and jean-paul on the safe and happy arrival of baby quinton, born august 3rd. from the pictures they sent he is pretty damn cute and i think red is his colour*.

congratulations to ms. hedda and mcpie for being uber sneaky and eloping. i'm so so happy for you.

and a very happy birthday to my bestest friend, zillah. wish i were there to toast you with a nice red.

* standard baby hat i make for all the wee ones, debbie bliss simple baby hat. this time knit with patons grace, double stranded. the color is called cardinal which is a pretty apt description; it is much less orange-y in person.