Tuesday, June 24, 2008

gang signs

i was just outside chatting with my neighbour when a couple walked by. the guy was wearing the cobblestone sweater. i gawked. i was so tempted to say, that's the cobblestone sweater! but i bit my tongue lest they thing i'm some kind of nut.

i've decided knitters need gang sings to flash at each other.

ps. i am alive but barely. i'm at work right now which explains some of my absence from the blog. lots of work. too much work. far too many evenings spent tucking the wee one into bed and running back the office to get shit done. also, we're addicted to the sorprano's and are currently on season 5. and, sick. been sick for ages. i had a chest x-ray yesterday to rule out pneumonia; i'm still waiting for the results.