Sunday, August 10, 2008

cutest little hat

is actually done except for the i-cord ties. free pattern here.

completely off topic, now that we are finally done watching the sorpranos, we've been renting movies again. atonement which was fantastic and very true to the book, across the universe which was meh but has me humming beatles tunes, juno which was quirky and cute but a little too neat and tidy, goodfellas because the boy is on a gangster kick and half of the sorpranos are in it, and harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay which was another stellar NPH role. speaking of, go watch dr. horrible's singalong blog if you haven't already. you can download it on itunes or watch crappy versions on youtube.


last week, karen at shall we knit celebrated her first birthday. she says birthdays are better than anniversaries because at birthdays you get presents and cake. i passed on the cake but i did get myself a couple presents. i picked up elizabeth zimmerman's knitting workshop, some teensy needles, and some pretty pretty koigu to make the cutest little hats.