Monday, July 21, 2008


dunno why, but i'm feeling the need to do this one.

1. what was i doing 10 years ago?
the boy and i had just graduated from the university of waterloo with shiny new degrees in rhetoric and professional writing. the boy had started at quarry and i was helping a friend with a tech writing contract while shelving books at the kpl part time. we were living in our bright apartment on caroline street, right off waterloo park and close to uptown. i drive by that apartment daily. i think, hk, that you were still living with us then.

2. 5 things on my to-do this this weekend
play with the monkey
get groceries, hopefully visit hurrley's and the farmer's market
finish reading the 100 mile diet
take the monkey to the splash pad

3. snacks i enjoy
chocolate frozen yogurt

4. things that i would do if i were a billionaire
stop working immediately

5. places i have lived
i was born in mississauga. we moved to teeswater when i was 16. we moved to mildmay when i was 18. i moved to waterloo when i was 19. i lived in stratford for 4 months when i was 20.

6. jobs that i have had
counted inventory at a huge warehouse
data entry in an accounting department
odd jobs at the teeswater news
i sold wedding dresses and shoes (at the same store)
dishwasher in the kitchen at NDC
maid at a bed and breakfast in stratford
residence don at NDC
university tour guide
shelver at the kpl
program coordinator
technical writer & team lead
mom (though i get paid in hugs and kisses and dirty diapers, not cold hard cash)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FO: crash, oh dear

we read a book to the wee one that has two characters smack into each other; the narration says, crash, oh dear. we use that phrase a lot around here. this moebius has crashed and burned. it would fit an eight year old. i could maybe fix it with it a much looser cast off but i'm done. to the frog pond.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

catch up

the yarn harlot came to town to adjudicate the kw knitter's guild adjudicated show. thanks to the lovely lady lynn, i got to tag along for some birthday drinks at the heuther. jenny, julia, stephanie, rachel, lynn, me.

my favorite pocket people pals bry and beckstar have moved back to ontario avec super sassy pooch sousa, settling in toronto. this makes me very happy though i no have a reason to go to seattle.

i'm knitting another attempt at a moebius. i'm using couple hanks of handmaiden something or other. it has cashmere in it. though the colours are "my" colors, it kinda looks like the dog's breakfast at the moment. it is a quick knit so i will finish it, try it on and you all can help me decide to keep it or frog it. i think the yarn would actually be quite cute as a roll brimmed hat and maybe some mittens.

the wee one turns 2 on thursday. 2! amazing. he's pretty amazing too. we went to my brother's yesterday and he and nephew #1 actually played together for the first time ever. they ran around shrieking and having a grand time. this makes us so very happy.

i got the.worst.haircut.ever last week. i hates it so much. why? in a word: bangs. on the upside i think it will grow out rather well, i just need to be patient.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

FO: pinwheel blanket

i've barely had time to knit, never mind blog so here's a surprising FO -- for me and you! mon bien amie, zill, habite dans la paris, france. she's having her first child later this month and i knew from the beginning that i wanted to knit her a blanket, even though i swore off blankets after knitting one for nephew noel. since i can't be there to put my arms around this baby, i made something that will wrap the baby in love.

i loved the pattern for this blanket and i figured knitting in the round would keep some of the monotony at bay (not really, but it was worth a shot). i got the yarn at cloth and clay for 50% off during their closing sale. it is rowan's cashsoft aran -- extrafine merino, microfibre, and cashmere -- incredibly soft AND machine washable! i used up all 6 balls and probably could have used another three or four. i ran out of yarn with ten stitches left and had to use some of the longer tails from my woven-in ends. Being paranoid, I got out some thread and sewed those last ten stitches to make sure they do not come undone.
my only mod was to k2tog around one row and k1 YO around the next round to make an eyelet along the edge. it looks nice but probably would have been better about 10 rows earlier. ravelry details here.