Saturday, October 27, 2007

i keep looking for her

la smoochas poochas

we put Jazz down on october 25. it was time but we're still gutted about it. she was 14 which is beyond old for a dog and i knew she wouldn't make it through another winter...but still...i miss her.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

feeling crafty

you know those snot-nosed kids you see wandering around? the ones with the perpetually runny nose? i have one of those kids. no matter how much i wipe, there is always more. i don't go anywhere without tissues; i'm always at the ready. i even bought a 10 pack of those purse-sized pacakges of tissues.
and so this afternoon i made a couple of these, just to class things up a bit. the green swirl fabric lines the pink one and some multi coloured stripes lines the green one. fun.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

fabric stash enhancement and an update

i taught a friend to knit recently. she took to it immediately. her first project was a chunky scarf, her second: a clapotis. she doesn't do things by half and always does things well of course. i offered to take her to len's mill to see if we could find some reasonably priced yarn for a clapotis. she's not yet at the stage where she'll spend $60 on yarn for a scarf.

while i waited for her at len's mill, i discovered some dick and jane fabric. they had about 10 bolts of different dick and jane patterns, including illustrations from the books. when baby j was brand new, my mom bought him a dick and jane board book and i found another not long after; they are currently his favorites (though really, come and see sounds a wee bit like a bad porno: come sally, come. oh, dick! see sally and tim! go, sally go! see dick fall down, see jane fall down.)

anyway, i went back last night and picked up some of the more bold (and much less cutesy) prints. i also found a fun citrus green swirly print that i had to get. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the fabric yet...i think a library bag seems appropriate for the dick and jane fabric.

in knitting news, i'm not really doing much. i knit another baby hat and started on some booties. nephew numero dos is officially late so i really should get cracking and finish the booties.

in life news, we're recovering around here from baby j having a really bad ear infection. we thought it was just teething pain but his fever wouldn't go away, no matter how much tylenol we gave him. it was awful, he'd look at us with eyes clouded in pain. he only wanted to be in my arms and could not find a comfortable position, writhing around and whimpering in pain. we watched the clock to see when we could safely give him another dose of tylenol.

of course this was all happening over the weekend. i took him to the doctor on monday and was told it was an ear infection. she prescribed antibiotics and sent us on our way in less than 4 minutes. nice. the next day his ear was sticking out from his head almost an inch and oozing stuff. poor kid. it took another 3 days for baby j to start feeling better.

this was his first real illness and as a parent it was awful to witness. it is terrible to see your kid in pain and not be able to offer anything other than comfort and tylenol every four hours. i found that my arms were quaking, not from holding him constantly, but from adrenalin pumping through my body as i made calls to ontario telehealth, the doctor's office, and picked up his prescription. and for some reason, the antibiotics were causing baby j to wake frequently in the night and then up for the day at 5-ish. we were totally wiped out.

work seems to be ridiculously busy right now. working half days last week to be home with baby j while he was sick, combined with an all day leads meeting, and an afternoon of team building has put me so far behind that i can't even stay on top of all the emails i get. i have a bad habit of opening email on my blackberry, starting to read it, deciding that it needs time and attention so i should read it when i get back to my desk but then never do. bad.

one of my writers quit so i've been ramping up on her projects, my senior writer has strep throat and has been off for a week (though i might as well get used to her not being around because she's off on maternity leave for a year in just over a month), my co-op is the biggest flake imaginable (seriously, she says and does some jaw-dropping stuff), and my other full time writer just went on vacation for a week. weee!